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Our Story

Hello! we are Aura Crystal co., a small locally owned business here in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a sister team who started this small business to share our love for crystals. Our interest in crystals began with a childhood stone collection. As life was thrown our way, we stumbled upon crystals; we were amazed by natures beautiful creations of color combinations and patterns. Not only are they beautiful but they gave us hope, helped us in cultivating a positive mindset, and gave us the encouragement and motivation to overcome adversity.  We hope to share our vision with our clients by spreading positivity, empowerment and self-love. 

Our crystals are from wholesale markets in China which is home to the largest crystal market in the world. The crystals themselves are sourced from all over the world as each crystal variety is unique to its region. They are then hand picked and curated for our collection, each stone is unique. We hope that our crystals can bring joy to all of our customers!  

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